CFCCC is dedicated to helping children work through all the challenging developmental stages necessary to achieve a since of wellbeing. By specifically focusing on children we understand the importance and value of your child’s healthy developmental process.  Even though there are developmental and emotional mile markers that must be taken into consideration, we know that each child is unique.  That’s why CFCCC takes time to tailor a treatment approach specifically to meet your child’s needs.

Every child’s physical and emotional progression is considered including their environments at home and school.  Our philosophy is to understand your child by viewing him or her through a holistic approach.  This view or lens allows us to consider all the various aspects of your child’s life which may be affecting them either positively or negatively.  In working with each child through a holistic approach treatment may be more rapid and effective.  Understanding your time is of value we wish to make your visits as, productive and successful as possible with long lasting effects.

Listed below are some emotional challenges we specialize in treating:

  • Sexual Abuse Recovery
  • Behavior Problems
  • Anger Management
  • Negative Behavior Resulting from Divorce and Separation
  • Depression