Family Systems Therapy

Family Systems Therapy is a treatment approach that focuses on relationships.  It visualizes the family as a unit where one-person actions affect another.  Working together using a family systems perspective the clinician works with the family to strengthen areas of communication where there may be a deficit.  The counselor highlights patterns and rules that families use to live by.  Often these repetitive systems of communication and behavior may increase tension and stress instead of decreasing it.  Like a successful football team where communication, rules of conduct and cooperation are their foundation for success, likewise families can decrease arguments and discord by learning positive ways to solve problems, communicate and manage repetitive behaviors that fail to benefit them.

Building awareness within the family by discovering how their family system is structured and determining if it is working for them is an area of focus. Helping families find positive ways to becoming more adaptable in today’s busy society is discussed during your counseling sessions.  Our job as counselors is to work with you in helping you meet the goals you desire for your family. This systems approach is woven throughout many of the treatment approaches CFCCC utilizes.

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