Observed & Experiential Integration (OEI)

Miraculous results so quickly! -OEI Client

OEI is beneficial for: trauma, anxiety, depression and addictions to name a few. Trauma turns off the front part of our brain (neocortex). It turns on lower parts of the brain where fight, flight, or freeze are determined. Traumatic memories stay stored there, in contrast to normal memories. Many live in this trauma state. Most therapies, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) requires a person to use the front part of their brain, to think differently. Since traumatic memories exist in the back of the brain (limbic), CBT is not as effective. OEI’s premise is that working with the eyes allows access to traumatic memories. Covering each eye alternately, or tracking the clinician’s fingers for instance, activates these memories. Calming techniques are paired with these activated memories. This allows memories to move from the lower to the front part of the brain. This results in traumatic memories being experienced as memories in the past, not the present. This decreases a person’s physical and emotional response to their traumatic memories. Talking is not required for this experimental approach. OEI is only being offered to adults at this time. More information about OEI can be found by clicking HERE.