Our Practice

CFCCC believes every child deserves the very best care.  Regardless of your culture, race or income we desire to provide you and your family with superior mental health care.  CFCCC wants to partner with you on all decisions pertaining to your child or youths mental health.  As a parent or caregiver you are brought into the treatment decisions of your child by collaborating with the clinician.  You are the best authority on your child so we need your help and involvement.

In assessing your child we use a holistic approach.  This view looks at the whole person and not just one part of the child. We integrate not only the child or youth’s biological and emotional wellbeing, but also their environments at home and school.  This lens allows us to view your child through all the aspects that may affect him.  This approach allows us to tailor treatment specifically to your child in order for them to feel better as quickly as possible.

Looking at each part of the child’s life we also consider their behavior within the family unit.  This approach is defined as a technique referred to as Family Systems Therapy.  We view the family as a whole unit and the child’s place within that unit.  To learn more information about his approach please see the heading Types of Therapy at the home page and then click on Family Systems Therapy.

To provide you with the gold standard of care many of our treatments approaches are considered to be Empirically Validated Treatments (EVT’s), or evidenced based techniques.  This simply means these treatments have been tested, researched and proven successful. To discover more about EVT’s click the link on the home page titled Types of Therapy.

Behavior therapy is an evidenced based technique and is used in conjunction with Family Systems in our practice.  However, we always tailor treatment specifically to your child or youth’s needs.  Behavior therapy is and EVT and consists of techniques including but not limited to Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT).  Please go to the Types of Therapy tab at the top of the home page to learn find links about the specifics of each approach.