Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

Parent Child Interaction Therapy, also referred to as PCIT is an Empirically Validated Treatment (EVT) that is used at CFCCC for children that act out using negative behavior.  This approach focuses on building a strong parent/caregiver relationship with the child creating a more trusting environment while destructive and/or disrespectful behavior diminishes.  PCIT is two pronged.

  • First, you and your child create new patterns for communicating with one another through Child Directed Interaction (CDI).  It is a type of play therapy experts in the mental health field use.  During this time of play the child becomes more invested in their relationship with the caregiver building the foundation for the second prong of this treatment approach.
  • Secondly, we use Parent Directed Interaction (PDI).  During this part of the technique the counselor teaches the caregivers explicit strategies for strengthening positive behavior in your children.

To learn more about the evidenced based modality please click on the link below.